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Key Words
Keywords are the backbone to gaining traction on any search engine page. We work to get you to the top so that a user will see you before a competitor. We will work with you to formulate the best words and phrases that represent your business.
Bringing in traffic is one of the most important aspects of getting your site to the top. The higher your results the greater the traffic and the greater the exposure. We work to make sure we can drive as much traffic to your site. Whether through social media or search engines.
Monthly Reports
SEO reports are not only important for you, but just as important for us. Each month we run a report of everything from organic viewers to keyword rankings. We will break down each element for you and explain every detail to you.
Every week something changes in the world of SEO. We uses the latest tools and technology for the ever changing ways of SEO. We partner with companies like MOZ to give you an in depth report.

Everyone’s needs are different. Click below for a quote.

Other Amenities

We host all of our sites with a 99% up time. We constantly monitor and maintain our servers for a fast and reliable response time. If there are any issues will will automatically resolve every issue we can.
Never worry about the amount of content your site needs to drive your customers or users. We are here to make sure everything you need, no matter the size, will comfortably run on your site with little to no hassle.
Site Upkeep
As times change so does the market and technology. We will always have the latest technology to update your site to compete with your competitors. Need to change images, text, layout? We will be happy to work with you on all of these changes throughout the life of your site.
Custom Widgets
See a feature on an existing website that you like? We will sit with you to develop any widget for your site. Widgets are great for a personal experience for your users or even for your back-end needs for reporting.
Have a site that already exists and unhappy with the service or look? We can migrate your existing site and content to a newer version to accommodate trends. We will do all of the work to make sure it goes as smooth as it can for your transition.

Other Frequently Asked Question

Your SEO keywords are the key words and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. A website that is well optimized for search engines “speaks the same language” as its potential visitor base with keywords for SEO that help connect searchers to your site. Keywords are one of the main elements of SEO basics.

In other words, you need to know how people are looking for the products, services or information that you offer, in order to make it easy for them to find you—otherwise, they’ll land on one of the many other pages in the Google results. Implementing keyword SEO will help your site rank above your competitors.

This is why developing a list of keywords is one of the first and most important steps in any search engine optimization initiative. Keywords and SEO are directly connected when it comes to running a winning search marketing campaign. Because keywords are foundational for all your other SEO efforts, it’s well worth the time and investment to ensure your SEO keywords are highly relevant to your audience and effectively organized for action.

Reaching the top page of any search engine is a very complicated process. Fortunately all you have to do is let us do the hard work. In many cases keywords can take anywhere from 6 month to a year to gain traction.

We evaluate each keyword you have decide on the ease or the difficulties that each one may bring. There are also options to purchase keywords, we will work with you on this option as well.

Each month we give a combined report. We use Google’s analytics software combined with MOZ’s monthly SEO reports.

All reports consist of your basic traffic information. We show you the amount of visitors in a month, their location, the technology they use to access your site, their age and their duration on your site.

Then we give you a breakdown of your keywords and where they are standing. Along with what your competitors are doing. Are their keywords higher than yours? We can figure this out and decide the best course of action.