Technology Media Group Custom Websites

Custom Websites for your brand

Custom Branded Stes
All sites are customized to fit your small or large companies need. We will be with you for every step of the development to answers questions and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the results.
User Interface
User interface is a very important factor in the way a user sees your site and its functionality. We use the most up to date methods and trends to make your site as cutting edge as it can be.
As mobile and tablet viewing is becoming the norm, having your site fit on their screen is a very important standard. We develop sites with a fluid layout and design so any user can view your site on any platform.
Wordpress is a very powerful tool for creating and establishing a site. We are well versed in wordpress and use it for 80% of all of our sites. We also develop with standard, from the ground up sites as well.

Everyone’s needs are different. Click below for a quote.

Other Amenities

We host all of our sites with a 99% up time. We constantly monitor and maintain our servers for a fast and reliable response time. If there are any issues will will automatically resolve every issue we can.
Never worry about the amount of content your site needs to drive your customers or users. We are here to make sure everything you need, no matter the size, will comfortably run on your site with little to no hassle.
Site Upkeep
As times change so does the market and technology. We will always have the latest technology to update your site to compete with your competitors. Need to change images, text, layout? We will be happy to work with you on all of these changes throughout the life of your site.
Custom Widgets
See a feature on an existing website that you like? We will sit with you to develop any widget for your site. Widgets are great for a personal experience for your users or even for your back-end needs for reporting.
Have a site that already exists and unhappy with the service or look? We can migrate your existing site and content to a newer version to accommodate trends. We will do all of the work to make sure it goes as smooth as it can for your transition.