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Custom Ecommerce Portals made easy


 Determine what products and materials you need.


Tailor Velocity to how your company is set up. Each location can log in with their credentials and place an order for their stores, or one location can order for multiple stores.


Test and provide feedback for your online portal.


Velocity is a complete online vendor management system for our clients.We make sure you have the ability to see activity moving in your organization at any time. You can track your products from production to delivery and keep an eye on the items moving into your offices/stores. You can now view and manage any item ordered through TMG or other vendors.

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could actually focus on your core business needs, expanding and growing your brand?

  • Complete online vendor management system built just for you
  • Ability to track items throughout our production and shipping process to your business
  • Order all the products and materials you need from one main hub, regardless of the vendor
  • Customizable products
  • Serialized product tracking (ex. gift cards)
  • Customer group based pricing
  • Product countdown (how many more days to purchase this product before an event)
  • Tiered pricing (buy more than 1, get a discount)
  • Restricted maximum allowable purchase (budgeting)
  • Same day shipping on stock items
  • Order/shipment notifications loaded to online account
  • Multiple shipping options (ex. UPS rates, flat rate, free shipping and/or additional handling charges)
  • Ability to pull your own mailing list with specific demographics
  • Sub-vendor notifications through email
  • Full report of sales, products and taxes
  • Pull budget and marketing reports – create a more streamlined process to track where your dollars are going
  • Modify at any time to fit your needs
  • Live chat
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Single cart item (allows item to be ordered on its own)
  • Multiple layer cart approval
  • Fulfillment
  • Warehouse: logistics

Tracking and Delivery

Automatic order and shipping notifications give you live progress, allowing you to stay on top of your orders with no hassle. Velocity is able to customize the best shipping options for your company.

Velocity automatically tracks your orders so you know where they are at every step of the process.